We Want Made in USA

Made in America Matters.

Make it easier to find products Made in the USA.

Please sign this petition to request that Amazon add a “Made in USA” search filter so that you can easily find products that are Made in the USA when searching on Amazon. When you purchase American-made products, you are supporting U.S. workers, creating more good-paying jobs and preserving the American Dream. Click below to sign the petition.

Why buy products Made in America?

  • Creates new jobs and improves pay for existing jobs
  • Boosts our economy and generates tax revenue
  • Rewards companies that make their products in the U.S.

Because of higher standards, American manufacturing

  • Uses processes that are better for the environment
  • Produces higher quality products
  • Provides safer work conditions and respects human rights

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We believe you should be able to easily find Made in USA products on major e-commerce platforms!

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Calling on @JeffBezos to add a “Made in USA” search filter to support American jobs and products! Sign this petition to support the cause. #amazon #wewantmadeinusa